Senior KG Final Syllabus

1. Navneet Primery Book:
Story Rading – The Rose Bush

i) Chp. 11 - Things we use - Pg. 50
ii) Chp. 12 - Festivals - Pg. 51
iii) Chp. 13 - National Leaders - Pg. 52
iv) Chp. 10 - Things we wear - Pg. 50

2. Cursive Big & Small – A to Z

3. Opposite Words:

i) Hot X Cold ii) Big X Small iii) Heavy X Light iv) Young X Old
v) Close X Open vi) Wet X Dry vii) Early X Late viii) Clean X Dirty
ix) Short X Long x) Strong X Weak    

4. Dictation Words:

i) Doll ii) Pumpking iii) Champa iv) Mogra
v) Bread vi) Puris vii) Coffee viii) Lasi
ix) Juice x) Water    

Maths: Number Book Pg. 59 – 64
1) Number Names 51 – 100
2) Addition & Subtraction
3) Missing Numbers
4) Count & Write
5) Before After & Between

C. E.V.S.
1) Chp. 15 - Water - Pg. 36
2) Chp. 16 - Air - Pg. 38
3) Chp. 17 - The Sky - Pg. 41
4) Chp. 18 - Weather - Pg. 43
5) Chp. 17 - Transport - Pg. 45
6) Chp. 20 - Places of Worship - Pg. 47

1) Writing: a) Festivals b) Seasons c) Toys d) Sources of Water e) Good Habits
2) Picture Talk: a) At the Zoo b) At the Beach

1) We Willie Winkie - Pg. 51                    6) Days of the Week - Pg. 53
2) Home from School - Pg. 55               7) Two Little Dicky Birds - Pg. 50
3) Just me - Pg. 52                                   8) Pat a Cake - Pg. 37
4) Clap your hand’s - Pg. 67                   9) Out in the Garden - Pg. 55
5) Here we go round - Pg. 60               10) God’s love is so wonderful - Pg. 61

F. G.K.
Writing :       a) My Pet Dog b) Cow

1) The Cats And The Monkey:
Tabby & Saby were two cats. Once they found a piece of cake. They broke it into two pieces. Tabby took one piece and Saby took another. “You have the bigger piece”. mewed Tabby “No, No, Your’s is bigger”. Saby mewed back. Monkey Ben Saw them fighting. He offered to settle the matter. Ben took a bite here and a bite there from each of the piece. In the end he ate it all up. Tabby and Saby did not get any cake at all.
2) The Fox and The Crow
On a tree sat a Crow who had a piece of cheese in his mouth. A fox passing below saw the cheese in crow’s mouth and decided to have it. So the fox started praising the crow. He said, “You are very beautiful, you have a very sweet voice. Can you Sing.” The crow started singing and the cheese fell down. The cunning Fox picked up the piece of cheese and went away. Moral: Never give into false praises.

H. DRAWING: Pg. No. 26 – 32
i) Sun ii) House iii) Grapes iv) Flower v) Ice Cream vi) Mango
i) Boat ii) Photo Frame iii) Grapes iv) Flower v) Ice Cream vi) Mango

1) Attention           2) Bend           3) Stand at Ease           4) Lift up your hands.
6) Bring the book here                6) Open the Book           7) Close the book.