Play Group 2nd Term Syllabus

1.Conversation :-
A - Conversation My Self
1) What is your name? Father, Mother / Teachers name?
2) What is your school’s name?
B – Class Room
1) What is this?
2) What do you see in the classroom?
3) Where do you throw the paper?

2. Rhymes:-
Johnny Johnny, Twinkle Twinkle, Teddy Bear, Are you sleeping, Roly Poly, I am a tea pot, Chubby Cheeks, One Two Buckle My Shoe, Baa – Baa black sheep.
What I Can Do
Two little hands to clap, clap, clap,
Two little legs go tap, tap, tap,
Two little eyes open wide,
One little head goes side to side.

3. Instruction:-
Sit Down, Stand up, Touch your Nose, Show me your Eyes, Clap your Hands, open the Book, Close the Book, Bend – Attention, Jump, Sing, Dance, Hands up, Hands down, Forward – side ways, Shut the door, Keep your Bag in the corner, Bring colour balls, Show me your right hand.

4. General Knowledge :-
Fruits: Apple, Mango, Banana, Pine Apple.
Domestic Animals: Dog, Cow, Goat, Horse, Cat.
Wild Animals: Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Deer.
Birds: Peacock, Pigeon, Sparrow, Crow.
Vegetables: Onion, Potato, Tomato, Cauliflower.
Transport: Bus, Train, Ship, Bicycle, Airplane.
Colour: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow.
Parts of the body: Eyes, Nose, Teeth, Tounge, Toes, Hands, Legs, Fingers.
5. Counting: - 1-5 Recognition, Oral 1-10 Shape – Circle
6. Recognition of Alphabets: A to F (Oral A to Z)
7. Drawing: Scribbling
8. Hindi Poems: