Junior KG Final Syllabus

1. Alphabets:
Writing A to Z,
Small a to z,
Cursive Writing A to Z

2. Number Writing:
1 - 50
Number Oral: 1 – 100
Number Names: Oral One to Ten.

3. Conversation: Animals, Wate & Summer
Q.1 What does the Cow/Goat gives us?
Q.2 What does the Hen gives us?
Q.3 What does the Rabbit eat?
Q.4 Name the colours of the traffic lights.
Q.5 From where do we get Rain?
Q.6 Why do we need water?
Q.7 What clothes do we wear in winter?
Q.8 Which fruit do we get in summer?
Q.9 How many wheels the bus has?
Q.10 Which animal have a hump?
Q.11 Which animal carries heavy load?
Q.12 Who guard’s our house?
Q.13 What does the dog eat?

4. English Conversation
1) Community Helpers - Pg. 13
2) Cleanliness - Pg. 18
3) Good Habits - Pg. 19
4) At the Park - Pg. 21
5) At the Circus - Pg. 22
6) Opposites - Pg. 25
7) Days of the week
Months of the year - Pg. 16

5. Nursery Rhymes: 1) To Market To Market - Pg. 14
2) Mix a pan Cake - Pg. 19
3) Polly put the Kettle on - Pg. 18
4) Little Bo Peep - Pg. 32
5) Engine, Number Nine - Pg. 20
6) My Band - Pg. 11

6. General Knowledge:
1) Days of the week.
2) Months of the year
3) Homes of Animals
4) Young one of Animals

7. Our Helpers:
Sailor, Pilot, Fireman, Captain, Porte, Goldsmith, Mason, Blacksmith

8. Shape:
Circle, Rectangle, Square, Triangle, Oval, Cone, Cylinder

9. Colour:
Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Indigo, Violet, Pink, Brown, Black, White

10. Comparisions:
Strong X Weak, Hard X Soft, Old X Young, Fast X Slow, Happy X Sad, Heavy X Light,
In X Out, Fat X Thin, Come X Go

11. Instructions:
Open the Door, Close the Door, Give me your Book, Pick up the red Crayon,
Call your Friends, Pick the ball, Throw the ball.

12. Action Words:
Laughing, Crying, Yawning, Cooking, Boxing, Shooting, Swimming, Sleeping, Eating, Dancing

13. Story:
1. The Hare & The Tortoise - Pg. 46
2. The fox and the grapes - Pg. 47

14. Picture Composition:
Sorces of water, Birthday

15. Essay Oral:
1. The Elephant
1. The Elephant lives in the Jungle.
2. The Elephant is gray in colour.
3. The Elephant has a long truck.
4. We go for a ride on the Elephant back.
5. Elephant carries heavy load.

16. Good Manners at Home:
1) I must wish all my elders, Good morning & Good Night.
2) I must wish people to visit us.
3) I must keep my toys, clothes and books in the proper place.
4) I must say please and thank you.
5) I must not see T.V. while eating.