About Us

Our Story

We believe in all round development of your child which includes Mental, Physical and Social Development of the child for e.g. Singing poems, Recognizing Alphabets, Numbers, Conversation, General Knowledge and Writing. For Physical Development we do exercise such as Gymnastic, Aerobics, Painting, Drawing, Craft, Clay Moulding and Water Play. For Social Development we have field trips such as visit to Zoo, Fish Aquarium, Post Office, Fruit and Vegetable Market. Professionals such as Doctor, Policeman, Lawyer do visit our school which arouse curiosity, excitement and develop respect for different professions. Our Nursery is situated in 2500 sq. ft. area. We have very spacious and airy class rooms.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide your child with valuable experiences and opportunities to explore their environment and develop to their full potential. We firmly believe that children learn best when they are unaware they are being ‘taught’, which is why our planning of activities focuses on ‘hands on’ learning.